MoCon V3.7.6
This collection of scripts is used to transfer 3D motion to and from After Effects, Maya, Nuke, SynthEyes and Electric Image. Cameras (Orientation and Reference), Objects, Camera Rigs and 3D stabilization, Pan/Tilt, 3D to 2D. (Req: AE CS4+, Maya 6.5+, Nuke 4.6+, SynthEyes 2007+, EI 5.0+). New in this version is SynthEyes seed camera and points, as well as Nuke Node exports, AE to Modo, and now CS5 support

MoCon 3.7.6 Downloaded Here!

3DM Stereo V1.2
This collection of scripts is used for those of us that are stereo photo buffs. They create a variety of comps for vertical, horizontal, scale, rotational rectification.

Also included are scripts for comps designed to be viewed on the PlayStation Portable, and a script that helps delete bad pictures in a seqeunce.

StereoTools 1.2 Downloaded Here!

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